Like I said in my previous review, A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women is a fantastic book. Kudos to Kristina Wright! Featured here is an exclusive excerpt from this anthology.

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Excerpt from “In the Palace of Gods and Monsters” by Michelle Augello-Page.


Silently, he stood above her and felt her face. Strong hands re-secured the cloth blinding her sight. He moved quickly, telling her to put her hands above her head, then used the rope to tie her wrists together. He stripped her, pulling the dress roughly over her head and arms, then spread her legs, tying each foot to a post, leaving her naked and exposed.

“This is how I want you,” he said.

Light kisses fluttered across the surface of her skin, arousing her, brushing against her, tickling her with wisps of feathery touch, heightening her desire. He pinned her wrists above her head and kissed her full on the mouth until she kissed him back, tentatively at first, then passionately, hungrily, lips and teeth and tongue.

Sensation rippled through her as his other hand pulled on her pink nipples until she cried out. He moved lower, finding her honey spot wet and hot with desire. Gently, slowly, he rubbed against her slickness with deliberate softness, gingerly working her breath into a hum, breaking her resistance into ragged cries for more.

“Do you like that, princess?”

“Yes,” she moaned, as he stretched her arms farther above her head and tied her to the bed frame.

Waves of pleasure washed over her consciousness, leaving her body uninhibited and wanting. Still, she screamed and shuddered when his rock-hard cock entered her sharply and tore into her ruthlessly. Still, she cried as he took her completely, claiming her as his.


Thanks to Cleis Press for allowing me to feature an excerpt from this book. xoxo