Oh man. Fuck. Let me start right off with saying this book blew me away. I love fantasy and I love erotica, but together? This book is pure magic. I finished A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women, edited by Kristina Wright, in a day, but I’ve delayed writing the review because I’ve felt I cannot do it justice, really.

Princess Bound

This is easily my new favorite erotic anthology to date. The stories in this book are dark and delightful. The caliber of writing is of the highest quality. Some of these pieces are darker, sexier versions of fairytales, others are inspired by myths and tales from another time.

“Sealed” by Laila Blake, the first piece, is a powerful one. This story has an undertone of loss, but the tale is incredibly, intimately sexy.

“Why did you let me go?” she asked. And that night, he tied her to his bed and he made her scream and writhe and beg and whimper like he had never seen a woman before, in pleasure he hadn’t known was possible. In the morning, her wrists and ankles had been red with rope burn and she’d told him what to do: how to find her skin and how to burn it so that the pull of the ocean could not draw her away from him like the tide.

In Blake’s story, I could feel the lust, the need that drove these two together. I could also feel how fickle fate could be; the unknown in life can drive us mad. Nothing is set in stone, much as we may wish it was.

Benjamin Creek’s piece “Need And Permission” is the next one I want to highlight. This story is about a married couple in which the wife craves something more, something deeper. She wants to be ordered to pleasure him and she wants him to lose himself in loving her. It is when his stoic shell fades that she feels connected her husband.

Maybe it was the literature and the long fantasies that had her primed for this moment, but Marienne had never felt quite so alive, so free and powerful and herself as she did just then, on her knees before her husband, his cock hot and hard insider her mouth. She hear his moan, felt the way his fingers tightened in her hair, and her heart jumped.

I always connect to those who feel empowered by giving others pleasure. Such beautiful words by Creek.

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The final excerpt I want to showcase is from Rose de Fer’s piece “Out of the Waves.” This piece reminded me of a twisted The Little Mermaid, although it was much more than that. There are numerous tales of people leaving the water to live on land, although that isn’t quite what happens here.

Naiae yelped, startled. Another stroke fell, this time higher up, on her back. Another landed across the backs of her thighs, then another across the soles of her feet. She cried out at each stroke. The rope stung terribly and made her writhe on the bed but it was also curiously arousing. Like the pain of her transformation, every stinging stroke only reminded her how wildly alive she was, how truly awake her senses were at last.

It’s so thrilling for me to see two of my favorite genres, erotica/romance and fantasy, get combined into such an exquisite anthology. I’m not even kidding when I say reading this book makes me want to buy all other fantasy-meets-erotica books edited by Kristina Wright now.

Thanks to Cleis Press for sending me this book in exchange for my review. I loved this book so much! xoxo