Tamsin Flowers’ latest episode of Alchemy xii: February came out this month–and it is super sexy!



This episode of the tale picks up with Olivia having to pay back some dues that go too far. The story then continues with Olivia questioning whether or not the program is what she wants. Harry contacts her whenever he wants and yet she can’t contact him when she needs to. She needs to know that she can ask questions and get feedback when she feels it’s necessary. It’s so important for her to feel she can trust him in this way if he is to be her dom.

He talks to Olivia during their travels to their weekend getaway and reminds her why she wants to stay with Alchemy xii. How kinky play intrigues her, beckons her. As Olivia recalls in her journal:

After his lecture, I’d stayed on my knees. When Harry asked if I still wanted to continue in Alchemy xii, I said yes. Because what he’d said was right. Something had awoken inside me the night he first marked my back and even if I tried to turn away from it, I knew in my heart I wouldn’t be able to. So I might as well explore this thing with Harry, on my knees, calling him “Sir”.

Where would the the story go from here if she bailed? But Harry had done some snooping into Olivia’s real life which became a hard limit for her. Once they agreed that he’d respect her privacy, she agreed to submit to him in training at Alchemy.

I love the descriptions of temperature and wax play in this episode. From the snow and ice outdoors, to the hot tub and the hot, melted wax poured over Olivia’s body. This chapter has vivid descriptions of hot and cold’s effect on bodies. It’s not everyday that I get to read about wax play and I was super pleased to find it written so well in this story.

Along with Olivia’s exploration of BDSM, the readers get to learn about different facets of what it can mean to be kinky.

A special thanks to the author for a copy of this piece in exchange for my review! xoxo


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