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February’s episode was just published, but here I am reviewing January’s piece. I’m behind I know, but this book is sticking around all year. Since each episode is being published each month this year, Alchemy xii by Tamsin Flowers will be around for quite some time.

January’s episode is the first chapter written from Olivia’s perspective, via the diary she is supposed to keep. The journal is meant to be her way of processing the training at Alchemy and how it makes her feel. Olivia doesn’t quite know how to behave yet as a submissive, and more than once her mouth gets her in trouble. So far it seems as though Harry will be trying an array of BDSM with Olivia throughout the year, and after she gets a taste of the variety will she be able to discern what she likes and doesn’t like.

If there was one experience of Olivia’s that I resonated with was her struggle through orgasm denial. There is nothing quite as maddening and frustrating as being denied a release, especially after being continually aroused as she has been around Harry. Not much makes me hate the world more than being denied orgasms. Indeed, even when I don’t choose to orgasm for a couple days if I’m overworked, stressed, what have you, I see a significant change in my mood and overall well-being.

Harry took Olivia on a tour of his club at Alchemy. This was to introduce her to what being a sub might involve and what it might look like. The idea of being on display, even at a club where all the people there are kinky, is thrilling and terrifying to me. It’s fascinating to see how Olivia tries to obey Harry and to see what happens when she falls short.

Towards the end of this episode, I love how Olivia’s personality really shines through. Her need for release, her need for pain, and her need for Harry all culminate into one intensely erotic scene. I loved when her counting to ten was really her saying “one” on repeat. Doing something as sassy and masochistic as that has never crossed my mind–and I consider myself to be both of those things. Fuck me! I’m taking notes over here.

Tamsin Flowers wrote a delightful guest post about this exciting new series. Check it out! xoxo


Guest Post by Tamsin Flowers

December 31 marked the official launch of my new serial, Alchemy xii, with the release of the free prologue episode Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve. Then on January 1, things kicked off for real with the launch of the first paid episode, Alchemy xii – January. And on the first of each month for the rest of 2015, a further novella length episode will be added to the series.

It’s a little bit different!

Most erotica series comprise three titles—a beginning, a middle and an end, so to speak—and most of them leave several months between releases. So what made me come up with the idea of a series of 12 books, and why was I so ambitious as to think I could release one a month for a whole year?

Let’s wind back the clock. The idea to write the story of a submissive’s training experience in diary form first came to me a couple of years ago. It swirled in the back of my mind for a long time as I finished other WIPs and commitments I had, but all the time various characters swam in and out of view, scenarios started playing out in those dark hours when sleep eludes, until finally it reached a point when I could ignore the project no longer. My main protagonists, Harry and Olivia, made themselves known to me and suddenly I knew I had to run with it.

At some point, the thought popped into my head that not only could I write Olivia’s story in the form of her diary, but I could release it like a diary, too. Once a month, I could publish the details of her latest monthly training session with Harry, her Dom. I already knew how addicted I was to TV drama, waiting anxiously for the next week to come around. Then, when plans were well underway for my December/January launch, the Serial podcast happened, taking both US and UK listeners by storm. It seemed through October and November, there was only one water cooler topic—did Adnan do it? This was the point when I realised that serialisation was ‘having a moment’! But could it work for a book? For erotica?

I’m certainly not the first writer to release a long novel in an episodic format. Most famously, Dickens did it, and so did Dumas. Later Penny Dreadfuls serialised sensationalist and bloodthirsty dramas in monthly form. But the difference between then and now? I get to harness a totally new form of delivery: instant downloads onto your kindle, tablet or phone mean that your reading goes anywhere with you. You can buy the Alchemy xii series as individual episodes from all the usual ebook retailers, or you can subscribe, so that each and every episode will fall automatically into your inbox on the first of every month. Your monthly fix of hot and torrid BDSM training…what’s not to love about that?

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