I know that I work better with deadlines, but no guilt. I need to feel the fire of inspiration to put into words the thoughts that are always running through my mind. I just can’t afford to feel overwhelmed. Things get done when they get done. I’m working to progress many paths of my life at this point, and I need to seek out support instead of shutting down or putting things on pause.

Sometimes I get this crazy notion that because my world makes sense in my head, everyone somehow already knows my logical, empathetic conclusions I’ve already drawn. But silly me! People can’t know of my thoughts unless I share them. I have many goals for myself. Sometimes I have to take a step back until I have the time to put into my projects. I did unintentionally this with my blogging. I took a step back from posting as regularly as I like in order to take care of myself. Things are improving, and now I just need to make the time to blog.

I want to educate, entertain, inspire, what have you, but I was quite burnt out recently after learning a lot about sexual abuse. I did not want to write erotica after this, nor did I want to bear the burden of rape culture upon my shoulders alone. I cannot fix the world overnight, even if I often wish I could. I have lots to say, but often I find I prefer to let newer ideas simmer until I learn more and feel confident in sharing them as a means of educating others. Be that as it may, I don’t have to wait with all of my thoughts–I still have plenty of stories that can be shared now.

Now I hope to share my words. I intend to share my dirty stories, my desires, my sex knowledge. Perhaps now is the time to reorganize my blog so that my intentions are clearer. Stay tuned and turned on. xoxo

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