“Bound by Sight,” by J. Sinclaire is not your typical bondage erotica tale. No, in fact the title, “Bound by Sight,” says it all. The main character performs sexual acts that are privy to her peeping-tom-of-a-dom neighbor that she is infatuated with. She knows he wants to watch her get fucked. He needs to see her behave like the slut they both want her to be. What naughty pleasure is this!

What makes this piece twisted, as it were, is that there are two layers of erotica wrapped in one. Two! The first layer involves seducing a grocery delivery man, which is hot in its own right. The second layer unravels while they fuck, and its that Audrey is watched by a man across the way. He watches her fuck man after man, and he in turn wants to fuck her all the more. The spectator. Connor, likes to be in her head when he’s not in her apartment. The shows she puts on are for his pleasure as much, if not more than her own. That added thrill of  a voyeur enhances her whole experience of sex, and as a reader, I just relished in it.

The opening sentence sold me on the story: “I bring men home.” Bold, simple, sexy. Once I read that the landlord gives Audrey the stink eye for bringing guys home, I laughed aloud. The dialogue in this story is great–well-timed and straight to the point. Connor’s request of Audrey is this:

I want to see you fuck. Whomever. Whenever. My business keeps me at home and distraction is always appreciated. Your body is enchanting and to watch it at lustful work…

I found this story by J. Sinclaire to be captivating. I’ve read it several times and each time it arouses me. I’m at a loss for words in describing this story in further detail, but for the fact that I find it to be written well and I really appreciate the layers and humor in this piece. Well done, Sinclaire. xoxo

J. Sinclaire’s piece, “Bound by Sight,” is featured in the newly released book, Twisted: Bondage with an Edge, edited by Alison Tyler. I will be reviewing the book in full soon! xoxo