Can’t Get Enough: Erotica for Women is a wonderful new anthology edited by Tenille Brown. Check out Tenille’s fantastic guest post below. This book is great as a beach read, because each piece has an added sense of lustful urgency that is easy to get swept up into the stories. This is a great book to travel with, to take on holiday and pick up at one’s leisure, for a hot minute or a steamy hour.

This book has that feeling of I can’t get enough, in a fun, hot, sex-positive way. We are all horny fucks ’round these parts. In Miel Rose’s “Big Appetites,” the characters, you’ll find, are insatiable.

Really, you can’t take us anywhere. Try as our friends might, it just doesn’t work out. Take us out for dinner or drinks, ten minutes into it she has her hand up my skirt and I’ll wind up in the bathroom bent over the sink getting my ass fucked. Or, if I’m lucky, she’ll be up against the wall with her pants shoved down, her fist in my hair, maneuvering my tongue all over her hard clit. We can’t help it. We’re both sluts, and together we’re always horny.

As with a lot of erotica anthologies, this book is marketed for women. However, men will find this book really enticing. In fact this anthology provides a refreshingly accurate perspective on sexuality and pleasing all bodies. It’s so wonderful to see cultural stereotypes pressed against the wall and fucked into submission. As Cole Riley states in the foreword of Can’t Get Enough:

Male readers should make room for this dose of powerful female hunger in their sexual vocabulary. It would do them well to absorb some of these prescriptions for satisfying their partners. Open themselves beyond limits and restrictions. going beyond the notion of good pussy and a big dick can only expand their reach for great, sizzling, addictive sex.

So readers, what I’m getting at is that this book is a perfect excuse to set aside your workload, walk to a quiet place or to your favorite chair, settle in, and enjoy this new erotic anthology edited by Tenille Brown. Appreciate the surprises this book has in store for your imagination, and don’t be afraid to join these characters on their quick, hot journeys to sexual pleasure. Perhaps you’ll even discover something new about yourself along the way.

Please enjoy Brown’s delightful guest post below. Thank you! xoxo


Love and Orgasms

A Guest Post by Tenille Brown

Over the years, I’ve found that my name and my stories have been synonymous with emotion, conflict and the human relationship. It was something that I once made a conscious effort to change, writing more light and casual stostores and while those stories did well in their own right, it was overwhelmingly obvious to me that my niche in erotica writing was specific to love, romance and the issues revolving around sexual relationships.

It’s no secret. I love, love and I love sex, but I especially love when the two merge.

Nothing gets my rocks a rolling like two people in love, be it long term relationships and marriages or love at first sight.

The sexual acts are driven by the feelings behind them, the trust, the tenderness.

And it’s not that I’m opposed to strangers in the night, no strings relationships or even one night stands in my erotica.

However, I believe there’s something to be said about sex between two people who have an intense emotional connection, be it love, hate or simply a passion that encompasses all the above.

In Can’t Get Enough, there I made sure there were a sufficient amount of stories that met this criteria, such as the passion of revenge, as Anika Ray so cleverly displays in her story, Sweet Revenge:

“What makes a girl say yes? The promise of immortal love? A brilliant wit? A nice ass? I wanted the house. I married Buster because after years of working the shittiest job I knew about, I was ready for the easy life. Now that wish had bitten me in the ass. Turns out there is no easy life.

But I still had what it took to make a sweet young thing like this forget his Mama, his school and the god he grew up fearing.

I hoped.

Married couples indulge fantasies and fetishes, too, as Rachel Kramer Bussel writes in Under His Watch:

We’re a pair—though sometimes, we’re more than a pair. The dirty little secret to how we make our three-year marriage work is that when I’m in the mood, I go on the prowl, while he keeps a watchful eye. One night in bed on our honeymoon, he whispered in my ear, ‘I saw that model and his girlfriend hanging on your every word; it made me hard to think about him bending you over a bed and taking you from behind with your head buried between her legs. Or just him and you…’”

JoAnne Kenrick’s character blatantly lusts after the very man she’s been married to for years in Craving the Best Man:

“…I swear, he looks all the more attractive wearing that ring.

Fixing tendrils of hair away from my face, I stand tall and slink toward him. I feel silly; never was one to get that accentuated sexy walk right. With my curves, I probably look more like a wobbling jelly than a sexy vixen. But my pussy leads the way; I am a slave to my cravings and don’t care how I look. He winks, turning me into a quivering pool of mush with the sex drive of a spring bunny.

So, yes, I believe that you can have your proverbial cake and eat it, too. Be unbelievably in love and have the best sex of your life. I believe that after an hour, a day, or even thirty years, the candles never have to go out.

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Thank you Cleis Press for providing me this book in exchange for my review of it. xoxo

Tenille Brown is a Southern wife and mother, and music blaring, vodka drinking writer of erotica. Her fiction  has been featured for more than a decade on the web and in over fifty print and eBook anthologies including the Cleis titles Best Women’s Erotica 2004Dirty Girls, Fast Girls, Going Down, Best Bondage Erotica 2011 and 2012, Suite EncountersBest Lesbian Erotica 2013Only YouSudden SexBaby Got Back and Never Say NeverTenille blogs at and tweets @TheRealTenille.