Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel just came out and boy is it delightful!Come Again

What I’ve been so pleased to see is that this book, even with a straightforward title, challenges how people define and think about sex toys. From a cyber foray to a massager used by a doctor, this book keeps us on our toes.

One of my favorite stories, Dare You To by Jillian Boyd, is a game of truth or dare in which a couple takes turns wearing various toys out in public. The toys become progressively more arousing and more obvious, so the chances of getting caught are greater than before.

Another story depicts a submissive ordered to use her dildo in a changing room and then wipe up her orgasm with an item of clothing she then has to purchase. What a thrilling assignment this is to read!

I love how different these stories are although they are tied together with a common theme: sex toys. From actual, store bought-for-sex toys to ones fashioned to become sexual tools, this book has some imaginative tales around this theme. Thank you Cleis Press for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Check out this exclusive excerpt from Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica below! xoxo

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“Lost and Pounded” by Zee Giovanni

He put his fingers in my Afro and tugged me toward him, meeting my mouth with his and electrifying my body with his dexterous tongue. I took his hands and pulled him into the bedroom, not wanting to spoil the moment by tripping over Allison’s boxes near the door or knocking down one of our happy couple photos still adorning the living room walls. I’d been longing to forget about Allison for even a minute, and I had a feeling Roc could give me plenty of time to do just that. He picked up his bag and followed me down the hall.

“I want to show you something,” he said, tossing his things onto the bed.

The bag unzipped with a throaty groan, and I nearly repeated the sound when Roc bent over my bed, his body all at once doughy and firm in just the right places. He was pulling items from the bag, and he’d spread almost all of them out before I wrenched my eyes from his body to see what he had.

“This is what I do,” he said, and I thought back to when he’d called himself “something of an expert in toys.”

What an expert he was. He had with him harnesses, vibrators and dildos, of so many various sizes that my pussy contracted and released all on its own as I imagined each inside me.

“You sell these?” I asked.

“Yep,” he said, puffing his chest proudly. “I’ve learned to turn one of my greatest passions into a job skill. I’ve got quite a bit to say about every one of these, so I can put my experience to good use to make sales.”

I didn’t need him to say a thing. I just wanted him to show me what he could do. I stepped closer, wriggling out of my jeans as I approached the bed. His eyes caressed my hips and ass while I looked at the toys, licking my lips as I struggled to decide which would be most delicious.

Roc stepped behind me, pushed himself against my ass and brought his hands up my shirt to encircle my nipples. His breath warmed my neck, and his lips lapped at my earlobe as he spoke.

“Lady’s choice,” he said. “Pick one.”

I giggled like a girl in a jewelry store. Allison had never been fond of toys, so I hadn’t played with them much recently, and now I had so many to choose from. Though they all looked delectable, I was drawn most to the thick dildos that reminded me of Roc’s skin, brown rubber rippled and darkened in lines like human veins. I picked up the largest of those, surprising even myself, as I wasn’t even sure if I could take it all in my pussy. I felt Roc’s chest heave with a deep breath as I lifted it into the air.

“That one?” he said. He reached for a leather harness. “Do you want this, too?”

I sure did. I nodded, brushing my thick hair across his face and down his chest. He stepped away from me, taking the chosen items aside and shoving the rest back in the bag. I took my panties off, climbed on the bed and touched my clit while
I watched him undress and assemble the strap-on. He’d been packing beneath his pants already, and he set that piece aside.

The possibility that I could’ve grabbed his cock right there in the store made my clit jump. His sturdy thighs were plush with the leather clinging to them. His expert hands fastened every buckle quickly before resting on his hips to display the large, succulent dick standing upright toward me. He watched my fingers fly over my glistening pussy. I paused and spread my pussy lips with my fingers, inviting him in.

He was on me in a flash, coaxing my fingers aside to feel my cunt for himself. His nimble fingers danced inside me, while his tongue played the same rhythm on my nipples beneath my shirt, making them point rigidly to the sky. Then his lips climbed my neck, pausing in front of my mouth to ask a question.

“May I pull your hair?”

I laughed at the simultaneous politeness and crassness of the question, delivered with his cock resting on my thigh and his fingers inside my dripping cunt.

“Yes, you may,” I said.

The swiftness of what happened next assailed me, and I gasped as Roc switched from courteous gentleman to powerful daddy, from asking permission to taking me for himself. He gripped a large puff of my hair in his fist and dragged me up against the headboard. He kept my head under his control as he brought his cock up to my lips.

“Open up,” he said, gently but firmly.

I took a deep breath and obeyed, my body tingling with surprise, uncertainty and desire. The head of his cock widened my lips, and then the rest followed. At first, I gagged on the shaft, saliva spilling down my chin from my gurgling throat.
It had been a while since I’d sucked dick, and I’d never tried to suck one this big before. Roc let me take my time, but he was unyielding, determined to get his cock down my throat. I remembered my old tricks, found a steady breathing pattern and pushed my head forward, deep-throating the dildo. I couldn’t take it all, but I looked up to see that I’d taken enough to make Roc smile.

“That’s right, suck that dick,” he said.