She takes the cash up front, and then the dick.

The regulars don’t ask questions, they know they’ll get what they came for. They adore their escort because she makes them work.

But first she indulges them; a token for a token. She takes their cocks in her mouth, each of them variant in size, shape, firmness and texture. She plays favorites: they all are. Their first release is always the fastest and sweetest of the night.

Then the real fun begins.

She pulls the cane out of her bag. Each man crawls to her feet and kneels below her, naked and trembling. Emotions flood their faces, including trepidation and simultaneous arousal. She raps the cane onto the palm of her other hand. They know to get into position.

“Don’t forget to count.” They never forget.

THWACK. “One, Mistress.”

THWACK. “Two, Mistress.”

The counting continues. Marks appear on their asses. The pretty red and purple splotches are a feast for her eyes. She’s not done yet.

Only the regulars know what comes after the caning. None of them dare whisper a hint of what compels them to go back again and again. All they say is that once you meet with her, you’re hooked for good.

And they all return to see her. xoxo

Wicked Wednesday