This is Flexi Felix by Fun Factory. It’s kinda cute if the holes-for-eyes don’t creep you out. Felix has a cool, pale-blue hue and is made of a squishy, flexible silicone, which is safe for anal play.

I think I would prefer using Felix with a partner doing the leg work. As these beads are made of soft, flexible silicone, it becomes rather difficult to crouch and insert these beads in one’s own butt hole. It also requires several applications of lube that invariably get on everything within proximity, i.e. one’s butt cheeks, lube bottle, sheets, etc. The suggested thing to try with anal beads is to slowly pull them out when one is close to orgasm, in order to enhance the pleasure. I find it really difficult to pull this out if I am 1) stimulating my clitoris and 2) stimulating my G-spot at the same time. I don’t happen to have three hands, and so if another person did this for me, it would certainly improve the attempted extraction of said anal beads.

While wearing these beads, I quickly noticed the head of Felix is large–it really protrudes past my butt cheeks, which makes sitting and wearing Felix uncomfortable. This also inhibits the comfort level when walking or moving around with Felix inserted for longer periods of time. I will say that it was a total pain in the ass inserting these beads (minus the pain, plus the intentional pun). It probably looked like a comedy skit, me trying to reach my asshole long enough to keep these squishy beads inside while I push the others inside too.


Felix is made of 100% medical-grade silicone. It is 12 inches long, with 10 inches of the length are insertable. Each of the beads have a diameter ranging from 3/4 to 1 inch.

These anal beads can be cleaned and disinfected anyway you please. You can boil it, toss it in the dishwasher, or clean it with soap and water, toy cleaner or a bleach solution. I prefer boiling it every so often, and this silicone can hold the odor from anal play.

And so, here ends my first experience with anal beads. I love how goofy Felix looks, and I adore the sensation of pulling the beads out. I certainly expect to use it down the road when I become more involved in sexual activities with others. But until then, Felix is safely stowed away, looking goofy.

Thanks to the friend who gifted me Felix! xoxo