Tantus’s Goddess Handle is a really exceptional dildo in a few key ways. I really appreciated this dildo, and found it to be quite pleasurable at that.


The predominant feature of this dildo is that it is doubly longer than most other dildos, and this is because it has a handle. The ergonomic grip handle makes this dildo super easy for folks to use that have limited range in their reach, and for folks who have a difficult time fucking themselves for any reason. This dildo is great for vaginal penetration; I found the insertable length to be just right for me. The handle just makes this toy easier to use on one’s self or on another. The thrusting is made easier and more comfortable than it might be otherwise.

As far as personal preference goes, I much prefer dildos that are slightly curved and that are more solid than soft. This dildo is right in the middle, making it firm-but-squishy-and-bendy, and making it one I liked, but don’t love. What can I say? I’m stuck with my preferences. I prefer curve-ness for G-spot stimulation, and I find that when a dildo is a firm I enjoy thrusting it and feeling it more as it moves throughout my vagina. That being said, I do really like the girth of this dildo; I think it’s just right for the medium-firmness of the silicone.


Here’s the Goddess looking out the window.

Here’s the Goddess’s details:

  • Insertable Length: 6.5 inches
  • Maximum Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Material: Ultra Premium silicone
  • Colors: Midnight Purple; Strawberry


The insertable part of the Goddess is shiny and smooth silicone, and the ridges in it give it a little oomph when thrusting. This feels really good, and in conjunction with clitoral stimulation I can orgasm, although more often I get really close to orgasm. I’d be interested to see how a firmer version of this Goddess might feel.


Tantus has a couple products with ergonomic handles that you might want to check out. Thank you Tantus for providing me with the Goddess Handle in exchange for my review! xoxo