I am thrilled to be sampling flavored condoms! Lucky Bloke graciously sent me an ultimate condom sampler to review. Lucky Bloke is a new company from 2012, with a female CEO and a cheerful team of employees. I was pleased with their customer service and quick response time. They provide excellent condoms and lubricants, at affordable prices. To top it all off, they donate 10% of their sales to humanitarian causes in the world. The current organizations they are donating to include: charity:water, UNICEF, and the It Gets Better Project.


I have wanted to give flavored condoms a whirl for a while now, ever since I heard that the flavors don’t suck, pun intended. And why not lick some latex for my blog, right? I think flavored condoms are an important product because ideally it would encourage protection for oral sex involving mouths and penises. I am in favor of products that promote sexual well-being without detracting from, and indeed possibly adding to, the pleasure experienced. Condoms are an important product for several reasons, including the protection from sharing bodily fluids, avoiding spreading infections, and the prevention of unintended pregnancies.

While I chose a flavored condom sampler, Lucky Bloke carries a wide variety of samplers and types of condoms and lubricants, to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Heck, they even have a sizing guide for customers, because having the best fit maximizes the pleasure and protection of the consumer. Lucky Bloke’s selection is all-encompassing and for the customers who are unsure what to buy, they offer sampler packs to try out a few different brands and styles.


As far as the sampler I received, it came with 14 condoms, 3 lubricant samples, and 2 coupons to put toward future purchases from Lucky Bloke. It typically comes with 12 condoms. I received the sampler really quickly in the post, and it came in a cute little plastic box that is great for storing these condoms all in one place.

The usefulness of condoms cannot be overstated. Studies have shown that condoms do not detract from the pleasure experienced, suggesting that the preference to go without condoms might be more of a psychological one. Now, what we need is a bigger promotion for gloves and plastic wrap for oral sex involving vulvas and mouths. Do I hear flavored wrap? Printed wrap? Small packs of plastic wrap To Go? It might be just me, but I think travel-sized packets of vulva protection sounds like a brilliant idea.

The flavored condom brands I sampled were One and Glyde. I preferred One over Glyde because of the packaging and brand design aesthetic. The label for One was trendier, the packaging circular, and the condoms seemed to have a more vibrant color scheme than the Glyde condoms. Glyde had more traditional packaging in solid colors and square packets. I also received a One glow-in-the-dark condom and one 004, ultra-thin Japanese condom to sample, which were awesome. All of my condoms were latex with what I presume to be a silicone lubricant in the inside. I wish condom manufacturers labeled all of the ingredients on their packaging. It bothers me how elusive this information seems to be online.

I had fun tasting the external flavors, and they were all pretty mild and had quite a noticeable scent. This made me wonder how much work my nose was doing compared to my taste buds in discerning the flavors. I didn’t hate any of the flavors, and I actually enjoyed a few. Shocker! Add that to oral sex? Yes, please. The different flavors included: chocolate strawberry, wildberry, mint chocolate, fresh mint, island punch, strawberry, banana split, vanilla, licorice, and blueberry. I tended to enjoy the flavors that I normally prefer anyways, such as fresh mint and strawberry, over banana split and licorice. They can taste artificially and pasty at times in conjunction to the latex taste, but I did find that these condoms tasted much better than unflavored condoms. I highly recommend them for oral sex activities!

Lucky Bloke sent me a free condom sampler pack in exchange for my honest review of the products. Thanks! xoxo