The moments Carrie worked for were the times men made involuntary noises of pleasure: grunts and exhales, hollers and moans. Learning how varied these sounds could be in her clients made her smile indulgently each time.

This current man, Carl, was a shrieker when she ran her pointy heel along his body. She grazed the shoe all along his perineum, gently pressing in as a promise for later. Carrie took wide base of her shoe and pressed it against his balls as he whooped and hollered.

Next time she’d bring the gag for Carl.

“You like that, you little pain slut? Want me to hurt you?” He was bound, spread-eagle on the bed. But his senses were not deprived, just his cock. Carrie flogged his inner thighs, teasing the poor bastard.

“Yes Ma’am. May I come please Ma’am?” whimpered Carl. His eyes clamped shut, his brow furrowed in desperation.

“So you want to come already, huh? I think I might have to take your asshole first.” Carrie unfastened his cuffs so he could turn over and bend over the edge of the bed, allowing her full access to his rear. She then tied his hands together and spread his legs apart, teasing his cheeks and thighs with scratches from her fingernails.

Carrie tightened the straps of her harness around her hips. With a slender dildo lubed up, she began to probe his hole. If she thought he was enjoying himself before, now he melted like butter as she entered his ass. Such is a day working for Peachy Escorts in London, Carrie thought to herself, smiling. She loved giving them what they needed, what they craved but feared to ask for in other circumstances.

“Do you like it rough, Carl? Do you like it when I take your ass?” She had worked up to a quick rhythm. The dildo made a slick, sucking noise as it was pushed in and out of his butt.

“Yes Ma’am, I love it so much. Please don’t stop Ma’am.” Carl panted in reply. She could feel the wetness at the tip of his cock as she reached forward to stroke him. She couldn’t get enough of his cock but at this rate, his cock would be spent. She stood up to continue entering him from behind. He was her little anal slut; they both knew that.

“How are you doing down there, on the receiving end? Like what you feel, Carl?”

“Yes Ma’am. I love when you fuck my ass. Take it all please, you can have all of me.” Carl breathed in response to Carrie.

The hotel bed was squeaking and shaking underneath them. Carrie noticed these things, even during the most engaging of activities. She couldn’t resist moaning herself as she fucked Carl, and fucked him to the point of climax.

“Please may I come?” Carl wheezed.

“What did you say?” Carrie inquired.

“Please may I come, Ma’am?” He corrected himself.

“You may come, slut, and come hard.” She replied, grinning. Carl came with a holler, his voice elevated as his cock sprayed the bed with thick, white semen.

“Good boy,” she purred to him. “Now lick it up.” xoxo