Mark your body for me. Make a story out of it. Surprise me, little girl.

I etch his name around my nipple. My skin is his and I shan’t ever forget it.

Funny, I don’t mind other guys’ come you, but the idea of their names on your body? Tsk tsk..

I smile to myself, thinking this is cute. It humanizes him.

I might have to piss on you afterward, to remind you who you come home to.

I wish I always came home to him.

Write “daddy’s little slut” across your stomach.

I etch a tale along my curves, only scraping the surface of our story.

Good girl.

I want him to have me anyway he likes. I love him so.

I’ll send you to bed with come and piss on your face, kitten.

I wonder if daddy likes my marked-up body. Etched, bare skin for his eyes to drink in.

Oh you whore, I love the words.

I’m relieved and aroused.

Wear those markings the rest of the day slut.

Oh, fuck. I need to come.

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