Mercury Design is a small online boutique that specializes in custom, high-quality BDSM gear. This up-cycled leather belt became a collar that I simply had to have. The buckle is sexy, what can I say?

There are several things I love about this collar. The strong leather scent is one of them. I really like how this collar can be ratcheted in as far as anyone would need, with the line of holes running along a large portion of this collar. The designer, Gene Mercury, offered to soften the leather to make it more pliable. I accepted such an offer. Indeed the material feels as comfortable as I’d want a collar to be. I could wear this for ages.

There were two major issues with this collar that I need to point out. One of them is that this style of buckle, or that this particular buckle, is really difficult to take off from one’s neck. I think with regular use the holes will loosen up a bit, but we will see. It’s nice to have back-up assistance around just in case.

A second point of note isn’t a major issue, but more of an aesthetic concern. The loose flap of the collar hangs away from one’s neck. I will be getting a D-ring from a hardware store to solve that concern.

While it is the case that leather cannot be disinfected, I didn’t mind in this case because it is going around my neck and not my genitals. Just a point of note when shopping for BDSM gear.

This boutique is absolutely worth checking out–from the Antique Leather Bull Whip to the Solid Brass Spreader Bar, Mercury Design offers a range of sexy products for kinky play.

Gene Mercury graciously gave me this collar in exchange for my honest review. Many apologies that it took so long for me to publish my review of this product. xoxo