Hooray! Alison Tyler graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions about the making of Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers.


A) Where did the inspiration to create this how-to-meets-erotica book come from?

 I’m a die-hard fan of guides. I love the books by Violet Blue and Tristan Taormino. I adore cookbooks, too, even though I’m a pathetic chef. My favorite cookbooks are The Silver Palette series—which include little quotes and stories in the sidebars. Violet often includes fiction stories in her guides. I melded two ideas to create mine—a guide that would have all sorts of snips and clips within it—as well as full-length featured stories for each chapter.

I thought about this concept for years before I got up the nerve to pitch the idea to Cleis. I explained that I wanted to do a book that used erotica as way to illustrate sex tips and tricks. My point was to write—collate, compile, edit—a new type of guide, one filled to overflowing with erotic soundbites. My suggestions for creating incendiary scenarios would be accompanied by snips of stories by some of the best authors in the industry. Each chapter would also contain a full-length story.

Never Have the Same Sex Twice was the most difficult book I’d ever put together. I involved more than 50 writers and excerpted approximately 100 stories. Researching to find exactly the right clips and snippets took hundreds of hours. The book contains 18 full-length stories, as well. So it’s actually a sex guide plus an anthology. Two books in one.

What happened was that I ran out of room. While I was working on Never Have the Same Sex Twice, I actually pitched the sequel to Cleis. I wrote: “I haven’t really fleshed out my chapters on kink yet. Toys, Fetishes, BDSM. Porn. And so I realized (in the shower, where I get all my ideas)—It’s two books. Never Have the Same Sex Twice and either Never Have the Same (Kinky) Sex Twice or Never Have the Same Sex Twice: The BDSM Edition.

Not to worry thaNever isn’t kinky. Because it is. It’s just that in order to do service to the harder core kinky side of monogamous relationships specifically, I think I need another 200 pages, and I’m over 200 as it is.

Hope this plan works for you. I’m so in love with this guide, I can’t imagine other people won’t be, too.

B) How did you organize the erotic stories in this book? 

I went online and begged for snippets for the different themes. Some authors wrote me original short pieces. Others gave me snips of their works in progress or from previously published stories. I found some of the descriptions I needed from the library of erotic stories I keep on my hard drive. The full-length pieces were commissioned. I went to the authors and asked each one to write a story specifically for this book.

C) Was there anything about developing this book that surprised you?

Once again, I ran out of room. There were so many more topics I would have liked to delve into, so much more sex to talk about. HmmmmI guess I could write The Never Ending Sex Guide in order to finish the job! Oh, Cleis. What sayeth thou?


Thanks, Alison! Review of this book to come. xoxo

Alison Tyler has made being naughty a full-time job. Her sultry short stories appear in more than 100 anthologies, and she is a prolific editor of bestselling anthologies like Never Have the Same Sex Twice, The Big Book of Bondage, and Sudden Sex. In all things important, she remains faithful to her husband of 15 years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume. Find her at alisontyler.com and alisontyler.blogspot.com