With a firm, loving pressure he held my head where he wanted me. That sturdy hand kept me present, kept my mouth active. It wasn’t until my tongue tasted the creamy delivery that he loosened his grip.

“Good girl,” he purred in my ear. He always leaned in for a smooch after I sucked him off. Just like I kissed him after he licked my lips.

We teased each other’s mouths until a polite clearing of a throat reminded us of the fun yet to be had. Gently, he took my hands, stood me up and led me to the other person in the room. I wasn’t sure if I was his gift or if he was mine. Either way, he could help fill my holes. So could Tom. And Jack.

With a single nod from him the other guys surrounded me. We kissed and teased one another until everyone was hard and panting with need.

I lavished in the feeling of them exploring my body, stroking my curves and caressing what parts were at their disposal. As they took turns pleasing me, I relished every second of it. As one kissed my breasts, the other fucked my ass. When one entered my mouth, the other licked my lips. Such pleasure isn’t often choreographed well. At least I can say we all came at different times, again and again.

I can’t wait to see who I’ll be passed off to next. xoxo

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