Penthouse Variations on Oral: Erotic Stories of Going Down, is part of a new series from Cleis Press. Barbara Pizio, the executive editor at Penthouse Variations, is the editor of this delightful new erotica anthology.

What I love about this book most is that it showcases oral sex for folks with all sorts of genitals, experiencing the delightful give and take that makes oral sex such an intimate act. The act of oral sex can mean so many things to different people. From reclaiming one’s sexuality to giving a loved one a precious gift. This anthology does a great job at sharing a wide range of these instances.


Check out this first excerpt about fellatio. This is from Nancy Richman’s “Honky-Tonk Heat”:

…I ran his slippery glans back and forth across my lips just like I was putting on lipstick.

By this point, Jesse was dribbling so much precome that it was all over my mouth and hand and gleaming on his shaft. I was terribly hot myself, the taste and smell of his musk an irresistible aphrodisiac that aroused me immensely. Dizzy with lust, I tugged his jeans down past his hips and then snuggled into the warmth of his crotch and began licking his pendulous balls.

There’s something so sexy, so generous about giving someone fellatio. By choosing to suck on someone’s cock, I give them the gift of my talents, my tongue, my throat. There’s nothing quite so primal, so gratifying, as taking someone’s genitals and working them to the point of release.

The second excerpt is about cunnilingus, and it is from Alison Tyler’s piece”Lickety-Split”:

“How much do you want me between your legs?” he whispered when we parted.

“Desperately,” I told him.

“Let’s see how desperately,” he said, and he went to his knees on the black spongy mat behind the counter and buried his head under my skirt. Okay, so now we were really walking the edge of decorum. I was still facing the door, ready to greet any customers who might enter the tiny shop. Zach had pulled my panties roughly to the side and was spearing my pussy with the tip of my tongue. He seemed to know instinctively how to touch me. At first, he tapped his tongue right on my clit. Then he started making circles all around. I recalled the way he created designs in the fancy coffees we served: leaves, stars and hearts. I believed he was tracing those same types of patterns with his tongue, as if I were a confection worth devouring.

Ahhh, cunnilingus. One of the loveliest experiences for both people involved. That deeply intimate act of licking between the folds, around and on the clitoris, what pleasure! And pretty please with a cherry on top, don’t forget about putting fingers to good use too! Sometimes utilizing tools alongside tongues can really transform the experience.

For those lusting after a book depicting acts of cunnilingus and fellatio, to those wondering what the hype is all about, this is definitely an enjoyable read. Thanks to Cleis Press for sending me this book in exchange for participating in blog book tour! xoxo