Take it.

She is a risk taker. The thrill of the unknown terrifies her to such an extent she finds it intoxicating and paralyzing. The sudden falls on the roller coaster, the quick ups in the morning coffee. She sees her life as a thrill-seeking adventure.

Dive in.

This is also how she sees her sexuality. She craves to learn what she can in each sexual journey she takes. From anal beads to French kisses, nipple pumps to ass spanks: by learning more she exercises her sexual agency in a world of shame and stigma.

Yes Sir.

She finds freedom in restraint. By being bound down she can raise her voice. She discovers pleasure in pain, although this still surprises her. The impending doom of having to take what is being given can swallow her up, but then she discovers that she is strong enough.

Make me.

She has to feel free to speak her mind. When her voice is gagged–as opposed to her mouth–that’s when there’s trouble. Give her reasons and goals along with some encouragement, for she loves a new tryst even if she gets nervous. Telling her what to do can arouse her in major ways.

Daddy dear.

The vulnerability of trusting another is a hard thing to swallow. After a time of betrayal and damage, perhaps trust is the hardest thing to earn from her. She feels safer when she doesn’t trust, but the benefits of trusting little by little can be huge. Not only does this lead to exciting new adventures, but it makes space for a heart to heal.

What is safe?