She crawled into bed, waiting for a reply from Arousr. It soon came.

Ready to obey this round, little slut? She couldn’t help but grin.

How may I serve you, Sir? She sent. She laid down, legs splayed, collar fastened.

First thing’s first, what are you wearing? She knew what this meant. Subtext: show me what you’re wearing, and it had better be the agreed upon outfit for his sub-kitten.

She took a photo a sent it to him. This time, she was behaving. This time, she was sporting nothing but the collar. His favorite outfit of hers, to be sure.

Very good slut. You may touch yourself now. One hand for starters. Her hand began rubbing around her clit.

Thank you Sir. Her head began to buzz.

You want more, don’t you? You want to fuck yourself for your Master.

Yes, Sir. I want to fuck myself for you. Sir. And how she did. Her pussy throbbed.

Fuck yourself then, little whore. Imagine it was me pleasuring you. No coming without my permission. She squirmed in delight as she plunged her dildo inside. She loved having to ask for permission. When it suited her, at least.

Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. xoxo