Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission is a new anthology edited by D. L. King. These hot new tales of female submission depict an array of ways women can and do submit to another person. By relinquishing power in a scene one is free to fully experience the now; they can feel the feels, taste the tastes, not to mention shiver in the unknown rushes of sensations ranging from pleasure to pain and back again.

Sometimes the power is given to a lover, a partner, an established Master/Dominant of theirs. Other times the power is relinquished to strangers. Submitting can involve impact play. It can involve bondage. It can involve chastity, meaning pleasure is not allowed until permission is given. What do the submitting women get in return? Heightened experiences. Euphoric mental states. Pleasure through various routes in the body and mind.

The very definition of sex is twisted, tied down, and teased, until it incorporates the acts that these characters partake in. Indeed this book is kinky; those readers intrigued by or involved in the BDSM scene would really like this book. This anthology is a great peek into the characters’ minds as they participate in these various power dynamic scenes.

D. L. King graciously shared the guest post below along with an excerpt from this delightful new book.


Here’s what D. L. King has to say:

I’ve been thinking about the seemingly recent popularity of submission and wondering what’s got everybody in such a state. Yes, I know, submission has always been the number one kink and fantasy among women but now, it seems to be more mainstream than ever before. I wouldn’t say that Fifty Shades of Grey was solely responsible for the current upswing, but I think it had a lot to do with the mainstreaming of kink, which, in my mind, is a good thing.

I believe that we, as women, should own our sexuality. We should be the ones to decide what we like and don’t like, what turns us on and doesn’t. We should feel comfortable in our choices and in our desire to explore. I think popular fiction opens the door for us and gives us a chance to try on different selves to see if they fit. Not everything will fit. And we must remember, just because we may like something and it may turn us on, doesn’t mean it will fit in real life. In sex, one size does not fit all. (I could make another remark about size, but I won’t…) The idea is to give yourself permission to explore—to decide what’s sexy—to you and whether you want to try it on or simply be entertained by it for a while.

But we were talking about submission—specifically, female submission and male domination. Let’s get back to that. Some of you may be familiar with my work and right now you’re saying, “But that’s not what D. L. King does. Doesn’t she usually write the opposite of that?” Yes, it’s true, I usually do. But I’ve been thinking about this lately and I think the idea of submission is universal. You can turn it inside out and it will still feel the same, still have the same resonance.

I was fairly certain this would be true when I began to edit my new anthology, Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission, and as I began to read the stories people sent me, I found I was right. Yes, I may be wired with the female dominant kink gene, but reading these stories got me just as hot. Maybe they look at submission from a different angle, I don’t know, but so far, they seem to be striking a chord with folks. I don’t know if they’re different from the norm. You’ll have to be the judge of that—and I hope you will be. And, by the way, I’d really love to hear what you think. This is a departure for me and I’d truly love to know if it hits the mark, if I got it right.

Here’s an excerpt from the book, from a story called “Stand Here,” by newcomer Nym Nix. This is what I mean by submission being universal. Tell me if this does it for you like it does it for me.

“Stop,” he says. I freeze, about to sit. His hands explore the dent in my thigh where my stocking clings. He slides a finger in between the elastic and my skin and tracks it around to the soft flesh between my legs. I feel his knuckle graze the lower curve of my arse and I feel a finger brush over the pursed lips of my labia. All of a sudden I am all over goosebumps. He extracts his finger, the elastic snapping back gently, and follows the cleft between my butt cheeks up, up.

I have almost stopped breathing at this point. In the silence I hear the sounds of his breath as it begins to speed up. I almost begin weeping again from relief.

His hands move upwards, roving over my back. He reaches around my ribcage and pulls me down onto him. Immediately I am aware of the hard rod of his erection digging into my left buttock. He runs his hands briefly over my belly, before sliding them up to cup my breasts. By now my nipples are hard and taut, and he makes a little rumble of satisfaction in his chest as his fingers find them. My heart is beating faster again.

“Turn to the side,” he instructs, and I shift myself on his lap. One hand stays with one of my breasts, his fingers acquainting themselves with my nipple in exquisite detail, while the other hand tracks up over my collarbone to my throat. When he reaches my jaw he pauses, cupping my face in both hands, turning it towards him, pushing my chin up. His thumbs run over the last vestiges of my tears, smearing them away.

“Why are you crying?” he asks. There is a new, harsh note to his voice. He almost sounds angry.

“I – I’m sorry, sir,” I whisper. “I thought you didn’t like me. You ignored me for so long.” He utters a short bark of laughter.


He pushes a thumb into my mouth, depressing my tongue. I quiver. His skin is rough and tastes faintly salty. He runs his other hand down my body, stopping to toy roughly with my other nipple, before sliding over my belly and between my legs. His fingers – as rough as his thumb – push between the lips of my sex and thrust deep into my pussy. It’s brutal, but pretty soon I am gasping around the obstruction of his thumb.

Then he stops.


Thanks to Cleis Press for sending me this book in exchange for my review of it. xoxo