The bell tinkles; promptly she responds. The padding of her bare feet against the hardwood floors, albeit quiet, echoes in the silent house. Her face scrunches a bit, for she thinks she is being too loud. The only other sounds are the subtle clearing of a throat, and the pouring of liquid into a glass, both of which resound from the room at the end of the hall. She hurries along, the leash hook clanking against her collar ring.

A quick intake of breath announces that he saw her. She watched her feet, hands clasped behind her back, until she’s allowed to look up. It was difficult to not let her eyes wander, for her nipples were very much within view and pointed from the chilly air. She isn’t supposed to wear clothes at home, but for her collar and leash and the occasional cuffs or other accessories. For the briefest of moments she envisioned him running his fingers through the hair on her mound, lusting for what came after, but shining from what came before. She thought him the most affectionate lover.

“Come here, pet.”

She looked up, her face alight. Her heart pattered from the thrill of seeing him. They both knew they were aroused already.

“Ness should arrive shortly. In the meantime, you may begin your chores.” He sat down, drink in hand as he watched her eagerly. She knew he was excited because his breathing was controlled. One deep breath after another. She knelt on her floor cushion and proceeded ever so tenderly to open his trousers.

“You lovely little kitten.”

The pad of her tongue brushed along his erect cock. She smelled musk and tasted sex. Rough sex. She brought him to the brink of needing more, then she gave him less until he nearly moaned with anguish. He loved being teased, she smiled to herself, shivering with chilly delight and “daddy know-how.”

“Kitten’s begun her chores I see. What a wonderful house pet.” A voice appeared from the entryway. Ness had snuck up on them. She walked over and planted a lingering kiss onto her husband’s lips. Kitten knew Ness used her tongue, but she didn’t dare peek. Chores came first, and the rewards came second.

The next task began once Ness sat down, legs apart. Kitten gently leaned in-between Ness’s legs to reach her goal. The soft fuzz tickled her nose as she went to work. Her tongue lapped and prodded, tentatively exploring this world of softness, of slickness. Ness let out little pants, signaling to Kitten a job well done, but not complete. Ness doesn’t care to be controlled with the sounds she makes, for she gets easily swept up in the pleasure. Her whimpers grew to moans, and Kitten thought the neighbors could hear the sounds of pleasure escaping their home.

“You’ delightful, little feline. Go sit in the corner please,” he softly ordered. Kitten obeyed promptly, her face gleaming from a juice trail left behind. She sat upright in her plush cat bed as she listened to her owners’ urgent, passionate moans and movements. Funny how skin on skin makes such distinct sounds.

Kitten smiled inwardly because she knew this meant her turn was coming soon. Good pets get treats from their owners, after all. xoxo

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