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I remember the first guy who ever spanked me. Before I even knew I liked it that much. He exuded dominance, before I knew what dominance could be, or what it could look like. He was big and tall, solemn and serious. He intimidated…

Cheeky Pose

  Enjoy this picture of my bum, why don’t ya. I’ve been exploring some bondage and impact play this year. Things are delightfully fun! xoxo  

Plunge Paddle Review

Tantus’s Plunge Paddle is a lovely thing to behold! It has a bendy paddle that can really sting, and it has a handle that’s a dildo! Tantus has a new range of paddles entitled, Plunge, Pelt, Thwack, Wham Bam, and Snap Strap. Such wonderful…

Spank Me Baby ~Babeland Review~

Spank Me Baby is an edible dusting powder to prepare a lover’s skin before spanking and playtime ensues.  One can dust this powder onto his/her partner’s skin, and then proceed to lick it off. It has a nice coconut-sugary taste to it.  This…