It is time for a new dildo review, don’t you think? Tantus has graciously provided me with a dildo otherwise known as the Curve. While this is a quality product made by a reputable, wonderful company, I was hoping for more from this sex toy. More what, you say? Well, almost more anything. It needs a shtick. A prop. A thing it is known for. Other than being curved, that is.


The Curve is an average size, with a relatively slender build and no major ridges or textures.The tip isn’t very distinguishable.If even one other aspect of this dildo was a bit more than it is, I believe this dildo would have won me over. Say it had ridges, or it was half an inch thicker, or an inch longer and curved, then it would have gotten my attention. Then I might have loved it.

There some large, subtle marks on the shaft, but they do not do much for me. Really, it is the sharp curve of this toy that determines what it feels like during use. It feels like an upward thrust with the subtlest stimulation occurring on the top of my vaginal wall, where those large marks bump into me. It doesn’t feel great, but it doesn’t feel horrible either.



Here are the Curve’s Specs:

  •  Length: 6 inches
  • Diameter: 1-3/8 inches
  • Harness compatible
  • Platinum based silicone (Medical grade)
  • Vaginal/ Anal play
  • Boilable, Bleachable, Dishwasher-safe
  • Color Options: Black, Midnight Purple, Purple Haze

This dildo does feel pleasant when I’m thrusting it in and out, but it is not enough to get me off alone. I appreciated the flared base because that provided a nice handle, but it would have been more comfortable to have a dildo that is slightly longer. My hand got quite tired while reaching to thrust this toy. I’m used to having a dildo that has a longer handle than this, and I can say that while testing the Curve I very much missed this feature. I also would have liked a more bulbous head on the Curve, to stimulate my G-spot that much more.

I believe the Curve will suit my needs better if I use it as an anal toy. As an aside, please keep in mind to avoid pornographic-inspired desires to go from using this toy anally and then vaginally. This is not a good idea when it comes to health risks, infections, what have you. If you insist on using one toy in several holes, use different condoms for each hole. The same goes for using the same toy with multiple partners as well.

I am happy to say that I support Tantus and its range of products. Their silicone toys are made of some of the safest materials on the market. They care about making quality products that will last for consumers. Thank you, Tantus for giving me the Curve in exchange for my review! xoxo