I recently sampled The Enforcer, a 5-fall rubber flogger made by the folks at DarkDesiresMN on Etsy.


What can I say? This flogger is a mean fucker. It stings and it thuds. The stinging hurts every time. Regardless of the strength of use in implementing the Enforcer, each hit is stingy and thud-y, only the intensity varies. For me, there was no such thing as wielding this flogger gently/pain-free.

I think this is a really neat flogger, I haven’t experienced anything like it before. I think there is a time and place for this kind of flogger: perhaps after plenty of warm-up, perhaps during a scene where one is being punished for wrong-doing.

Rubber is a material that cannot be disinfected, so I’d recommend using one flogger on one person. Use extra caution on direct skin, and in these cases, make sure to check that there are no open wounds or cuts on the skin where you intend to use this flogger.

The Enforcer is 18 inches in full length, and the falls are 13 inches long. Each of the falls are about 3/8 inches wide, and the balls at the end of each fall are about 3/4 inches wide. Rather substantial!

Thanks to DarkDesiresMN for having me test this flogger for an honest blog review. xoxo