Dildology is a wonderful new project that will take a scientific look at sex toys to determine what they are really made out of. The sex toy industry is unregulated, meaning that the materials that go into products are not scrutinized, are not verified, and not qualified. Labels can lie. Manufacturers can lie. They can get away with it, turn a profit, and cause harm to our sexual well-being. When it comes to materials and safety, even pets’ toys and kitchenware are regulated, as are medical devices and children’s toys. Why aren’t sex toys? We are using them on very sensitive parts of our bodies, often in direct contact, and there is no certification to ensure these products are safe for use. Toxicity, including porousness and harmful ingredients (phthalates, for example) are things reviewers have learned to keep a lookout for. However, knowing exactly what ingredients a sex toy contains remains a mystery.

This is not okay! And believe me, I love sex toys and I want to be an avid consumer of sex products for the rest of my life, but some things have got to change for the better.

I hope to provide some more educational information on this blog about being smart sex toy consumers because I cannot take it for granted that you know what fellow bloggers and I know. This Dildology blog carnival will be my catalyst, because it will start the inclusion of more material safety pieces on my blog, especially when I review products.

Here’s where Dildology comes into play. The flame test is the only affordable method sex toy reviewers can test the quality/percentage of silicone. However, as Dangerous Lilly has discovered, even the flame test can be unreliable. So, the goal of the founders of Dildology is to chemically test products in order to determine what materials really are in the sex toys on the market. Naturally, to break down materials costs money, and if you are able to donate any amount to them, they’d be so grateful!

Dildology is a non-profit organization and most of the money raised will go directly toward testing products. The rest of the money will go toward fundraising materials, equipment, and resources for education. One of their goals is to create a way for sex toy reviewers to test material quality at home, in a more reliable way than flame testing.

You can donate by clicking the icon below:


There are several incentives for donors worldwide:

  • US and Canada: Donations of $15 or more will receive a 15% off code for
  • UK and Europe: Donations of $15 or more will receive a code for 10% off LoveHoney brand products.
  • Australia: Donations of $15 or more will receive a code for 10% off store wide at MissX.

If nothing else, please check ’em out! Feel free to spread the word about this exciting new project going on within our community. If you are able, please donate to their cause. Definitely stay tuned for more of my discussions inspired by important work such as Dildology. As always, thanks for reading. xoxo