Now that I am done with my Undergraduate studies, I FINALLY have time to take better care of myself. This means I am exercising again! I do want to lose a significant amount of weight. I WILL keep my boobies, even though people think they will fall off if I lose weight. No they won’t. Unless I become anorexic, my bewbs aren’t going ANYWHERE. My boobs are not the product of my weight. In fact, this is true for many women.

Anyways, I really love exercise. Really love it. Sure I neglect it for sleep and work sometimes, but it is one of my most valued hobbies because it is so important. Unfortunately with college years, it is extremely difficult to keep gym hours when your work load becomes overwhelming. I am not a meathead and I tend to slack on the crunches, but hey! Exercise is for everyone.

It is really lovely I have these 8-9 months off before graduate school. This means I can really establish a regular exercise schedule and lose the excess weight I want to lose before my travels.

Exercise acts as an aphrodisiac for me as well. When I exercise I get my body P-u-M-p-ing. It makes me feel better: healthier AND sexier. Once I start feeling better about my body, I will definitely start showing it off (more). (and really, who DOESN’T want to see more?) Most of us can use a quick energy boost every now and then, yes?

Food for Thought: If you feel you have a low sex drive, try working out or doing aerobics regularly. This will help your confidence and self-esteem. It should be a natural way to improve your sex drive as well (stamina, endorphins, confidence, feeling sexy, sweat, etc.). [OR HAVE MORE Physical sex with your partner! hey!]

Try it out! I always wonder who is secretly watching my boobs bounce and my ass shake, ESPECIALLY at the fitness center. hehe! To Be Continued! More pictures to come! xoxo