Good Vibrations Sex Toys company has graciously provided me with the Heads Up Kit! Let’s learn the art of fellatio people!!

The “Heads Up: The Official Guide to Fellatio” DVD is really a great instructional video.  There is minimal lecturing, and maximum watching. Dr. Carol Queen, the founder of The Center for Sex and Culture, is the host of this video.  She talks about the key basics for giving pleasurable blow jobs.  Some basics involve knowing what there is to play with as well as how to play with them.  Once some basic advice is given, the audience then gets to watch (and enjoy watching) couples perform fellatio and use some of the techniques and approaches that were previously suggested.

One new thing that I learned was that fellatio can be performed very effectively on flaccid, semi-erect, and erect penises.  There is plenty of pleasure that can be given in any of these states.  Asking your male partner what they like is also always a good idea. This video is approximately 45 minutes long (and rather arousing).

Sliquid Swirl 4 oz Cherry Vanilla is a nice flavored lubricant to use during sexual activities, especially ones involving tongues.  It has a mildly sweet flavor and it is water based and glycerin free.  It is a safe lubricant for all types of sexual activities and sex toys.  It also lasts a long time. I really enjoyed the flavor because it isn’t overpowering.  The slipperiness is great and it does not dry up.  Even a little drop goes a long way.  If you’re not into sweet flavors such as cherry vanilla, Sliquid Swirl also comes in blue raspberry and green apple tart.  Tickle those taste buds- among other parts!

Lingo Vibrating Tongue Ring is a cute little toy to tease your partner with. It is made of elastomer and stretches up to 2 inches.  It fits onto your tongue and comes with a mini bullet that has a battery life of (minimum) 40 minutes.  The bullet and tongue ring are disposable and the elastomer is not able to be disinfected.  This toy is really cute and fun.  You can use it as a finger ring too.  This is a great toy for fellatio, cunnilingus, and many other sextivities.

Thanks Good Vibrations for allowing me to review this great kit!  New Good Vibrations Sex Toys can be found here, for your pleasure. xoxo