Hello, folks! I have exciting news to share with you: Jon Pressick–over at the Sex in Words blog–is featuring an interview with me! I’m pleased Jon asked me to do a Q&A because it allowed me to think about what my blog means to me, and what role it plays in my career.

Below are two of my responses, and please click the provided link to read the full interview! Thanks, Jon!


The Hook Up: Geeky Nymph

1. How did you get into blogging? 

Blogging comes naturally to me because I am always mulling things over and I enjoy writing down my thoughts through stories, poems, and so on. I have done this ever since I was a child. About three years ago, I decided to get into sex blogging specifically for three reasons: 1) I knew that I was passionate about sexuality; 2) I knew that I had a high sex drive and comparable amounts of curiosity; and 3) I knew that there was a lot about sex I did not know yet. I not only found the unknown compelling, but I knew it had to be important. Often I find that when I realize topics are avoided and skirted for unknown or unsatisfactory reasons, I feel compelled to dig.

2. Where do you find your inspiration for your posts?

This is a tricky question to answer. My inspirations are not always from real life experiences, nor are they all entirely fictional. It seems my posts come often from an internal reflection or reanimation of events, issues, and encounters that happen in the world. I try to be reflective and honest in sex toy reviews, and on the other hand I try to be thoughtful and imaginative in erotica pieces. In a way, my sex blog is a depiction of the world’s sexuality through my own eyes.

Click to read the rest of my interview. Thank you! xoxo