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“Because queer sex is as hard to define as it is to ignore.” –Courtney Trouble

Good Vibrations allowed me to review this movie. I really enjoyed it because the sex was very relaxed and realistic. These were couples who were comfortable, funny and sweet together. The relationships were real.

Each scene, including the bonus scene, had several common themes.All of them have refreshing camera shots. I really liked the lighting in the film as well as the usage of color and sound.The makeup, hairstyles and outfits of all the performers were really pretty and lovely. The women were various sizes and shapes, hairy and not; all of the performers were as beautiful as they were real.

The lighting and camera angles focused on each person’s beauty. This film was quite artsy and creative. The lighting and angles also focused on varying moments of intimacy during each scene. The audience doesn’t need to see every moment of sexual actions to know that it’s happening, so focusing on expressions or movements made this film unique and refreshing.

I love the song that plays during the opening love scene. It’s a song by Yes Alexander. Here’s a youtube link to another song of theirs. She has a beautiful voice.

“I whisper in your ear, as they watch my, my lips move./ They desire to be my skin, cause my skin is yours, my skin is yours./ As they watch us, they on their insides that we are fire, that they are fire..”
I would recommend this movie to porn lovers of all types. This is very female friendly, because the majority of the love-making involves only women. The intercourse is intimate, kinky, and fun to watch. There are lots of variety among the couples, which was fun to watch. There was also a LOT of squirting. It’s the best porn film that I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t normally watch queer sex but I found it educational as well as entertaining. Women can learn more activities to do in bed, even if they are not queer. I always enjoy learning more about my body, so I know what to ask my partner for during intercourse. The bonus scene involved a kinky, straight couple who I really enjoyed watching. They were great at mixing up sex and keeping it interesting, even though they have been together for years. (Yay!) Check out other porn films that Good Vibrations offers. Good Vibrations Sex Toys sells a variety of toys, lubricants, movies and books. Check ’em out! xoxo