Generally I don’t enjoy the sticky, sweaty feeling that comes with a hot summer day. The one place I welcome the heat is at the beach, where I groom myself bare, slip into my revealing one-piece and lather up the block for my afternoon of relaxation. While I lie in the sun I focus on reading a book, but I imagine every guy and gal who walks past is checking out my curvy ass or eyeing my bathing suit’s plunging neckline.

While being watched by others, my guy cheekily trails a finger along my body, admiring it himself. Anyone can see he is aroused, as his trunks don’t leave much to the imagination. I sizzle underneath his touch, allowing him full access on our exhibitionist event.I tilt my head back; my sunglasses hide my closed eyes and I part my mouth, half because of the stifling heat and half because he is teasing me so. He watches me moisten my dry lips, and surely imagines doing the same.

My beach towel isn’t big enough for the both of us; he sands up his legs and mine as he wriggles, adjusting his trunks as he straddles my body. His lips taste like salt and sweat when they touch my tongue. I tease his open mouth until he swallows me whole, enveloping my lips with his. His arm lifts my back off the ground in an arch that presses against him; my muscles straining to maintain the touch I crave.

The hazy sunset shines onto our dripping bodies. Our slick and sticky limbs cling to each other in a playful show of emotions and intentions. Already topless, I untie his trunks to catch up to his playful eagerness. As I grab onto his thick cock to stroke him, his sights are set on my hidden, swollen clitoris. He shifts to crouch beside me, giving me full access; I rub my hand along his thick penis, teasing his glans with my thumb. I spread open my thighs to his touch; his finger greets my clit with gentle swirls of stimulation.

He wins our teasing tournament with a slight flick of a finger; he inserts his index into my vagina to distract me. I concede his victory with the stillness of my hand on him, but he doesn’t mind. Now there is no going back. I know what he wants from me, and he knows how to get it. Deftly working his hand, he intrigues until I burst, leaving a wet trail trickle onto the sandy towel where it creates a damp spot. This is no mean feat and we lie back with contented sighs. I make a mental note to massage his poor, sore hand later. xoxo

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