Hello folks! I wanted to let you know that I’ll be writing pieces for Kinkly.com that I will advertise on here. I want you to stay informed as to my writings on sex and sex-related topics. I think my work with Kinkly will help me explore topics that I have been wanting to write about, but I have been letting them brew, as it were.

My first piece debuted on July 3 and it is entitled: Reclaiming Vanilla Sex: Why it’s Hot.

My article discusses how the term “vanilla” has become a negative term that depicts boredom, normalcy, plainness. While vanilla things can certainly be plain, what they are definitely not are inferior to non-vanilla things. Vanilla sex can be hot, sensual, primal, rough, new, romantic, what have you. The lack of kink does not necessarily make it boring and I think this needs to be stated.

Enjoy the article! Stay tuned for future articles of mine. xoxo