Njoy’s Pure Wand is an orgasm-inducing, sheet-soaking, queef machine. My review could end there and you would have all the information you need.

PureWandFirst point: This curved, stainless steel dildo is amazing. The Pure Wand has the perfect curve that follows the contour my vagina, almost too perfectly, because at times I crave more friction and resistance with dildo shapes and textures. When it presses against my G-spot, it presses hard with its 1.5 pounds of badass stainless steel. It feels great and is really easy to use, except for the slight resistance getting into the vagina initially and the fact that once you pop you can’t stop. (Pringles reference! They should pay me.) I never want to stop using this dildo once I start, and every time I use it I am pleasantly reminded. The Pure Wand is made for G-spot stimulation, and with the large, heavy ball at the end, how could it miss?  This is my favorite toy yet.

Second point: I didn’t heed Epiphora’s warning to put towels down before trying the Pure Wand out, and I very much regretted not doing so. I seriously soaked my bedding down to the mattress. Oi. So, be warned, this toy can and will cause you to gush fluids. More fluids than you could ever anticipate imagine.

Third point: While this is a simple, solid metal dildo, it makes my vagina queef noisily more than anything else ever. Using this toy is not discreet at times because it unabashedly makes my vagina make sounds I hadn’t thought were possible at such a volume. This amuses me almost as much as fart jokes. Granted, the Pure Wand makes me queef easily because I once I start thrusting with this toy, I don’t want to stop until I become a soaked, sweaty pile of exhaustion and bliss. Queefing is inevitable. Queef.

I really like how cool the metal feels when I first insert this dildo. The Pure Wand is long enough to hold firmly and comfortably. The handle end has a smaller ball on it (which is also insertable) and this helps you grasp it. It never slips out of my hand as my juices never reach that far down the Wand. The heaviness of this toy is ideal for exercising my PC muscles too.

Product details:

  • Material: medical grade stainless steel
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.5+ pounds
  • Cleaning: boilable, dishwasher-safe, soap & water, toy cleaner
  • Nonporous and nontoxic
  • Latex-free, phthalates-free, hypoallergenic

You haven’t known G-spot pleasure until you’ve tried this toy. Seriously.

Queef. What a hideous word for such a beautifully hilarious sound.

Thanks to a wonderful reader for sending this toy my way! You folks spoil me rotten! xoxo