This Baci Bikini is super cute!  It is the French Heart Mesh design from Sexy Dees Adult Depot. The fabric is soft, sheer and comfortable, yet very durable.  The sizes do run quite small and the bikinis are offered in a Medium or a Large size.  I was surprised I fit into the medium (barely!).   This also attests to the strength of these bad boys!  If my hips can wiggle into a medium….. man-oh-man these panties are built to last!

I love sexy panties, and this pair is really cute.  It is pink with little hearts.  This panty could be cute and wearable for any girly-girl but what makes it sexy is the sheer mesh, which exposes a hint of skin under all the little hearts.

The panty is 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.  It can be machine washed in warm water (not with colors!), and tumble dried on a low heat setting.

I was seriously impressed at how strong this fabric is, especially because my pair was rather small.  I thought for sure I would rip it on accident, but it has held up so far!  I cannot wait to see how the rest of Baci’s products hold up!

Sexy Dees provides a wide variety of Baci Lingerie to select from. Thanks for letting me review a pair! xoxo