The very first toy from Sexy Dees that I received was the Doc Johnson Lucid Dreams Vibrator #39 in exchange for my review of it.

First of all, I wish the Sexy Dees webpage included more information about the make of this product.  Some pages were more informative, but the Lucid Dreams page was not..  All it took was a little elbow grease on my part to find out all the facts about this power-packed, pink vibe.

This Lucid Dreams vibe is made of Jelly Rubber, which means it is soft and squishy but cannot ever be 100% clean after it is used.  My recommendation is to use jelly rubber toys with condoms-even if you’re flying solo (like Jason DeRulo), since it cannot be fully disinfected.  I will use condoms with it, just to be safe and clean.  I’d recommend being even more cautious if multiple people are involved. The jelly rubber also attracts a lot of lint.

This toy is 8.5 inches long (including the handle-knob at the end) and no more than 1.25 inches wide.  It is squishy, waterproof, and has several different settings to choose from.  It also takes 2 AA batteries, (so you can be prepared).  I prefer silicone to the jelly rubber, but it does look pretty cool. The squishy-ness and bendy-ness is an added bonus for sure.  I really like the toy’s width and curves.  It packs a punch!

The packaging reminds me of sugary ice princesses skating on a frozen lake of sexy dreams.  It’s not my favorite.  I prefer retro marketing much more.  One awesome feature is that this toy comes with a 90 day warranty.

This toy is the perfect size for me.  It’s length and girth as well as its squishy-ness make it an ideal toy for the job.  It had a really great feel.  This is a nice unique toy in my collection now.  Awesome!

I enjoyed this product’s shape and features, but since it is jelly rubber and stereotypically girly, I didn’t want to like it.    Thanks Sexy Dee’s! xoxo