These decoratively jeweled clamps are exactly what they say they are: clamps. Do not be fooled by their seemingly innocent appearance!

I think these clamps are cute and feminine. I do like hanging them from my nipples even if they are a simple accessory that I couldn’t easily hide underneath my clothing. No, these are purely for show when they are already exposed.


With my relatively small nipples, I really have to secure these clamps on tightly to ensure they don’t fall off. Sometimes they fall off even after I make them as tight as I can stand, which might go to show either that these are designed better for somewhat larger nipples or that my self-inflicted pain tolerance is fairly low (I would say a little of both).

It is a little bit of a thrill that even these adorable little jewels inflict a worthy amount of pain. As I enjoy slight pain and nipple stimulation, this aspect makes the jewelry that much more worthwhile and appealing. Once they are on, the pain does go away. What my main problem involves is being able to keep them on for extended lengths of time.

While I enjoyed this product for what it is, it does have a limited use. What I would like better would be clamps with flexible metal tassels- like a necklace chain- to be able to wear them underneath clothing.

The clamps are made out of metal and have protective coverings on the ends that pinch the nipples. The jewels on the tassels seem to have plastic beads on them.


  • Playful
  • Easy to use
  • Slight pain with adjusting clamps
  • Limited use
  • Tend to easily fall off

Overall, I like these beaded nipple clamps for what they are, but must be critical on their limited functionality They have a simple use that can be fun but also limiting. I would ultimately prefer either nipple jewelry with more function and aesthetic appeal, or for nipple clamps that invoke pain in more ways. Other nipple jewelry and clamps can be found here. xoxo