Lovehoney’s Magic Wand Beaded Attachment fits on the Hitachi Magic Wand’s head completely, covering the Hitachi’s porous head. I do think it is a rather ugly, shiny blue-purple attachment. The Lovehoney beaded attachment is made of TPR, or thermoplastic rubber. It is incredibly squishy, there is an obvious crease through the sleeve and it even had some wrinkles in it, presumably from the manufacturing process. Originally when I chose this product it was labeled as silicone, but this was mislabeled as it is really TPR.


I chose this attachment to try with the Hitachi as an anal toy. I stretched it over the Hitachi’s head, put a condom over it entirely, lubed it up and inserted it anally. This was difficult. The beaded protrusion is way too short to fit comfortably between my butt cheeks let alone be long enough to really go into my anus past the sphincter muscles. On top of the shortness limitation, it was too flimsy and squishy to achieve successful penetration. Anal beads themselves can pose a problem with inserting them anally because they are squishy, but this attachment was a real pain in the ass (hah) to insert because I also had to hold onto the heavy, bulky, corded Hitachi while doing so. I felt that it wasn’t worth the struggle, and it was seriously a struggle. I looked ridiculous trying to do this, as you can surely imagine. This would be easier to insert into someone else’s anus.


This beaded wand attachment was less disappointing with vaginal insertion because it was easier to operate alone. It was still not very pleasurable; the fact that I could insert the small beaded shaft into my vagina more easily did not provide me with any notable pleasure. Its flimsiness and size did not significantly enhance the experience of using the Hitachi. The attachment’s protrusion had limited functionality.

However, one feature I found useful was that I used the beaded shaft to move my vaginal juices up to my clitoris. This was extremely useful for reapplying lubricant to my labia, which is  great because if I do not lubricate well enough, the irritation my genitals experience is really quite painful. Additionally, I found that pressing the beaded shaft against my clitoris was also better than using the Hitachi alone, because it dampened the vibrations just enough to delay irritation.

This was a success, albeit a small one that can be achieved by other wand attachments too.


This beaded wand attachment is said to have the following features:

  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber
  • Insertable length: 4 inches
  • Product length: 6 inches
  • Circumference: 8 inches
  • Submersible in water
  • Flexible
  • Latex-free and phthalates-free


Because I thought this product was silicone due to being mislabeled, I performed a flame test to determine if this toy was 100% silicone. I did this by holding a flame at the base of this toy to see what the reaction was. Because this product melted, it is not a food or medical grade silicone, meaning it is porous to some degree. This remains true being TPR: it is a porous material. Due to this finding, if you own this attachment, I would recommend using condoms with this product to ensure maximum safety. While you can wash this toy with soap and water, it cannot be disinfected. Often materials that are porous can also be toxic, but this isn’t always the case. Because this beaded attachment doesn’t have an odor or an icky feel to it, I think it is non-toxic.

Attachment3As you can see, the material melted along the rim.

One of the reasons I want an attachment for my Hitachi is because the Hitachi head is also porous, meaning that it can harbor bacteria over time and can pose a health risk in the future. As this attachment is also porous, then it poses the same problem and same health risk.

The packaging for this toy was a Lovehoney white cardboard box, which I liked. It was not offensive, excessive or tacky. No storage container came with this beaded wand attachment.

Lovehoney has a 100 day- no questions asked return policy, which is a great service to utilize when experiences with products do not go they way you thought they would. Check out the Lovehoney return policy for more details!

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I was given the Lovehoney Magic Wand Beaded Attachment in exchange for my opinion of the product. Thanks Lovehoney! xoxo