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Who Says

Who says hairy cannot be sexy? I say, damn that person(s) and let everyone be whoever s/he wants to be, and look however s/he wants to look. I am sexy, dammit, with or without any of my body hair, be it on my…

Sexy Books

I’ll post more photographs of myself in the new year, I think. (Would you like to see more?) But until then, look how delightful my new book collection is! From gender studies to anal instruction and bondage to romance, I think my brain…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It’s cold- Winter is here! But I’m covered, just enough.. See who else is participating in Sinful Sunday! xoxo


I love myself, even with all of my imperfections and quirks. I love pleasuring myself, taking care of myself, and supporting myself. Especially when others don’t. I need to treat myself like the special little kitten that I am. Life lesson? Love yourself. …

Bringing Sexy Back

Ever so slowly, I’m looking to bring back some of Teh Sexy, inspired by the JT himself. While this photo may not be nipples and labia, hopefully you find my neck enticing with all of your Halloween-y vampire-ness. (And I hope to master…


Things have been beyond busy in my world, but even the simplest things can be delightfully sexy. Here’s a bra I sleep in, for example. Happy sexy, sinful Sunday everyone! xoxo Check out who else is participating:

Pretty Pairing

My attempts at masturbating (and reviewing) with the Lelo Ella were a bit disappointing initially. I wanted the toy’s head to be a key holder for my G-spot, and yet the toy gets too slippery-wet with my fluids to be held onto easily.…

In The Shower

A clever person snuck in on me while I was showering to take a few photos. Naughty! I was happy to get caught. See who else is participating in Sinful Sunday this week! xoxo


I wish I had more reasons to wear lipstick. But I just don’t wear any. It’s fun getting all dolled up. But alas, I hate when it rubs off onto the rim of my cup–or onto the rims of any other things. See…

Green & Lace

My new lace gloves! Lace! Combine those with my green nail polish and other, er, assets, and I’ve got a photo or two for Sinful Sunday.  Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out who else is participating in this week’s Sinful Sunday! xoxo