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Review: Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys

The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys by Violet Blue is an incredibly detailed resource that anyone can use for inspiration and education about sex toys and sex-related products. Violet Blue is a prolific author of educational books about sexuality topics. This book…

Njoy n’ Happiness: Pure Plug (M) Review

For ages I’ve been looking for a butt plug that fits my needs, along with my ass. The Njoy Pure Plug (medium) is it. I kind of want to sing to it the following song (sappy, but fitting-no pun intended), the key phrase…

Prized Jewel

The only jewelry I need, quite frankly. See who else is participating in Toy With Me Tuesday this week! xoxo

Anal Practice

My plan is to become more comfortable with anal, and try receiving (more) pleasure from anal stimulation. I haven’t experimented with it much, but I think I’d like to try it more. Kinky, no? Join us in Sinful Sunday! Click the link below:

Icicles Glass Plug ~Babeland Review~

This is the Icicles Glass Plug offered by Babeland.  Look how pretty!  It is made of Pyrex glass, which has a lovely, smooth cool feel.  It can be boiled to be disinfected and since it is made from Pyrex glass, it is not…

Protouch Plug ~Babeland Review~

Babeland Toys was kind enough to let me review this Tantus Protouch Plug! So, THANKS BABELAND! I am very grateful to review for your company, and I adore your store. :-] So. This is one of many anal toys and products that Babeland…