Master took me out to the cinema. I wore a short, strapless dress and no panties. Master knows I love exhibitionism. I figured that was why he was taking me out before we spent the rest of the night in his bed. He chose the movie; I didn’t care what we saw. We sat in the middle of the theater. When he placed his jacket over my lap during the opening credits, I knew.

I spread my legs when I felt his hand graze my knee. My lips parted. I licked my lips. He was tracing circles on my thigh with his fingers. My anticipation heightened. I looked at Master, silently pleading for more with my big, innocent eyes. He grinned. I opened my legs even further. He gave in. I felt a finger trace my hot lips, admiring its smoothness. I pretended to watch the movie as my attention was wholly on my crotch and his hand.

When his finger slipped in between my lips it brushed against my pulsing clitoris. I moaned lightly. More, I whispered to myself because I sat frozen there, waiting for his next action. More. He traced around my clit until I began to wriggle my seat. He didn’t want me to cum, for I would do that many times later. He wanted me teased, aroused, distracted. Boy was I.

I thought I was successfully keeping quiet despite his distractions. But when he slid one, two, three fingers inside my pussy, it took all I had to not moan out loud. I. was. filled. So full. I moved my ass just enough to secretly ride his fingers. Mmmm. Tap my G-spot. Tap it. Master awarded me. He finger-fucked me until it was obvious I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. I whimpered quietly into his arm as I rode his hand. My dress was hiked up so high that my bare ass was touching the seat.

Master knew I’d let him go as far as he wanted. I would have cum for him right then and there if he so desired. But I knew he wanted to wait. He wanted me ravenous for more.

For him. xoxo