The Going Down Kit is a set of three lovely products offered by Good Vibrations.  This includes the LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring, Sliquid Swirl Lubricant, and a Pleasure-Ed DVD about cunnilingus.

The LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring is a waterproof tongue ring that is made of purple elastomer.  It can stretch up to 2 inches, thus making it likely to fit on various tongues.  The disposable vibe battery lasts for at least 40 minutes.  This toy can be sure to add a bit of unique fun to oral play.

Sliquid Swirl Lubricant is a tasty lube for all sorts of tongue play.  Sliquid Swirl is a long-lasting, glycerin-free, water-based lubricant.  It is tasty too!  It comes in three flavors: cherry vanilla, green apple tart, and blue raspberry (although I think only cherry vanilla comes with this kit).  It easily washes off and doesn’t stain fabrics.  It works well with condoms and sex toys too!

Going Down: The Official Guide to Cunnilingus is a DVD from the Pleasure-Ed Series hosted by Dr. Carol Queen.  She is the Staff Sexologist and the co-founder of the Center for Sex and Culture.  This video is meant to be instructional and informative through talking and showing how to perform various types of oral sex in order to give pleasure to the woman.

Different forms of oral protection and different hand and tongue techniques were shown, from which I learned some new aspects of the deed.  Dental Dams and gloves were used for safer practices.  Hand and tongue rhythms are important techniques in order for the woman to get closer to orgasm.

I really appreciated how Dr. Queen advised viewers that the pussy is a very private area, which many women might be shy or wary about allowing exploring hands and tongues down there.  It should be encouraged but not forced.  A woman needs to trust her partner with this sensitive area before oral practices can commence.  Many women have not had any experiences with receiving oral sex.  Once oral sex is explored, it can be fun, sexy, and pleasurable on many levels.  A woman doesn’t need to orgasm in order to enjoy oral sex (neither do guys).  It is simply another great thing to do while romping around in the sack.

Good Vibrations posted a great article about performing cunnilingus on their site.  “How to Go Down on a Woman” covers the basics while still being thorough about the important bits.

Good Vibrations Sex Toys offers a wide variety of educational, safe, sexy products that appeal to a large audience.  Dr. Carol Queen has created some really great educational DVDs.  I have been really impressed by the Pleasure-Ed series and own THREE of their videos (about cunnilingus, G-spot, and blow jobs, yay!). I recommend them to beginners and experts.  Everyone should learn something new from these videos, but if they don’t, they still get to see some really great sex scenes (trust me: very erotic).

Thanks Good Vibes! xoxo