Warning: This story contains Daddy/Kitten play.


Knowing Daddy was about to phone me, I hurriedly crawled into bed, pulled down my tights and panties, exposing my mound to the cool autumnal air that was seeping through my window. I had some dildos at my side; I was wet with the excitement of my plan. Daddy didn’t know it yet, but this was the first time I’d play and come for him on the phone. I couldn’t wait.

With growing excitement and impatience, I teased my pussy with the smaller dildo by sticking in just the tip. As it rested barely inside of me, I began rubbing my clit slowly just when the phone rang.

“Hello, Kitten. How are you?” The slight hint of his accent always gets me hot.

“I’m fine, how are you Daddy?” I purred, wiggling around on my bed to get comfortable.

“What’s up, Kitten? Your voice sounds… different.”

“It’s nothing bad,” I smiled,  “I’m just in bed, about to play for you.”

“Ahhh…I see. This is your sexy voice.” Daddy said, laughing. Surely there was a twinkle in his eye, a semi in his pants.

I quickened the rhythm of my rubbing, enough for my heart to race. Little sexy moans escaped my lips as I knew Daddy enjoyed them too. I imagined him wiggling as he drove, desperate for a release from the trap I caught him in. We flirted while we talked of possible tomorrows and what I needed to do to myself at the present. I happily pleased myself to tease him; he simply adored it.

“Kitten, I’m almost at work. Daddy needs you to come for him. Think you can do that?” His voice strained but sexy. The arousal was heard in the slight huskiness of his words. I wanted nothing more than to be sitting in his lap, riding him to completion like the good little slut I can be, only for him.

“Yes Daddy.” I breathed, panting. I was too aroused, too worked up for Daddy. The slow build up during the call was just what I needed to push myself to the brink of a big orgasm. I needed this. My pussy was dripping wet, the bigger dildo slid easier in and out of me. I was really working up a sweat from needing to please him, to come for him.

“I’m coming Daddy.” I mouthed at the phone, forgetting he’d only hear my breath exhale in a sharp hiss. I found release with my dildo stuck tight in my pussy, refusing to concede completion. I arched my back with the finish, I clamped my eyes shut as I imagined him ejaculating on me, in me, for me. Daddy was mine.

“Time for chores,” Daddy said. xoxo