I have tried two other brands of kegelcisors smart balls, and I am happy with the Je Joue Ami set. It comes with three smart balls, all of which are made of a velvety-smooth silicone and come with different shapes and weights.

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The reason I like kegelcisors is because of all of the benefits they can offer. They can aid with incontinence and strengthen PC muscle to have better bladder control. With a stronger PC muscle, one may experience stronger orgasms, which may also be felt by one’s partner (meaning you might have a stronger ability to grip what is inside your vagina, be it a penis, dildo, fingers, what have you. Strengthening PC muscles may help especially during menopause, when women experience a general lack of natural lubrication.
The Je Joue Ami smart balls are smoother and smaller than some other types of smart balls. They are comfortable to wear. They have smaller balls contained in them, and when you jiggle them you can feel them. I enjoyed feeling them wiggle as I walked about; in fact it encouraged me to do more walking in order to feel them more.
The Amis are on the smaller side, but their weights are substantial for their purpose:
Ami 1: 1.65 ounces
Ami 2: 2.75 ounces
Ami 3: 3.73 ounces
Here is their size visually compared to Fun Factory’s Teneo Duo:
The smart balls should be inserted with the aid of some lubricant- water-based is best since the balls are silicone. The lubricant aids with the insertion, mainly because you are not necessarily aroused and self-lubricated every time you put these balls in your vagina.

The Je Joue Ami set of smart balls comes with a pamphlet, which includes details as to why this product is useful, and how to do a few basic kegel exercises.

Smart balls are great to use before, during and after pregnancy. They are useful during menopause and for incontinence (as aforementioned).

The kegel exercises are very basic and can be done as often as you would like and be able to do them. The one exercise suggested by Je Joue is to lie down, and with the smart ball inserted, you squeeze to grip the ball, holding for a couple seconds, and then releasing the pressure. You can do this in several sets in a day, week, what have you.

The other exercise suggested is to sit, and while you are squeezing, holding onto the smart ball, gently tug at the string so as to put it out of your vagina. This adds extra pressure and makes your PC muscle work harder to keep the smart ball inside your vagina.

Of course, the more often you exercise the PC muscle, the quicker it will get stronger.

The balls can be washed with soap and water, toy cleaner, and can even be boiled. (Je Joue recommends boiling for approximately 20 seconds to lengthen the life of the Je Joue Ami set.)

  • Smooth, squishy silicone
  • Different weight and shapes
  • Convenient display and storage case
  • Case could be more travel-friendly
  • Limited recommended boiling time
The reason I like the Je Joue Ami smart balls (and kegels in general) is that I like wearing them while I do my daily chores or run errands. It’s my sexy secret. My PC muscle is getting a workout while I go about my usual business. Feeling the gentle stimulation is a subtly arousing experience.

The Je Joue Ami smart balls have an appealing, velvety texture to them. I love that they are made of silicone and are hygienic. They serve their purpose well and I have noticed in small ways how my PC muscle is stronger after using kegelcisors.

Rated: five out of five stars

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