I’ve seen the Tenga Egg advertised everywhere lately, so I was curious about what all this hype was about. I noticed it on being sold by Good Vibrations, and so I figured I’d make someone give it a whirl. Since I’m not a guy, *ahem,* I had my close male friend try this masturbation sleeve out and report back to me with his review. The container is a cute plastic egg. The masturbation sleeve looks like a soft, squishy egg that stretches over a guy’s penis. This is a more portable, more affordable, and more inventive product than a fleshlight. Go get one guys!

It feels quite nice (so I’ve heard), especially when you’re tired of using your hand. If it is cleaned properly or used with condoms, it can be used more than once if you want to make it last for a couple sessions. Also, the egg comes with a packet of lube. Bonus! The egg warms up more quickly than a Fleshlight does, and it is much easier to clean and store. I recommend buying a Tenga Egg as a stocking stuffer (get it?) this year for the man/men in your life! Good Vibrations Sex Toys are always great choices for holiday gifts! xoxo