I grin, cheekily, knowing that I got my way. As the master, I always do.

He crawls to me. Lovely big eyes, shining, watching as he slowly inches across the cool tile floor. I gently, tauntingly tug at his chain, urging him forward.

Beckoning him closer to me, I make him kiss my feet.

“Kiss them.” I demand. He knows what “them” refers to. He gently bends down,  honoring my toes with a light brush against his supple lips. I feel the tingle emanating from the contact. He is mine for tonight.

“Enough. Lie down on your back.” I hear a breathy Yes, Miss, in response to my order. My attention goes to shackling him in; his arms and legs get restrained to the four poster bed. I allow him his vision for tonight, for I want him to see me challenge him. Besides, his eyes are just too sexy. I smile to myself.

I see the question in his face, but I do not answer it. Slipping off my panties and heels, I crawl on top of my exposed, vulnerable man. I crouch above his head, hovering my lips inches from his. He wants it.

“Please Miss, may I lick your vulva?” he asks, timidly. He knows I like the v word because it amuses me. Plus, it’s fucking correct.

“You may, since you asked nicely, pet.” I crouch a little lower for contact, holding onto the wall as he explores me with his tongue. I bite my lip, keeping quiet and in control. Soon his face glistens from my juices on his cheeks.  Right before I begin to desire penetration, I change positions, getting back onto the floor to grab my riding crop.

His face, sticky and sweet, pales as he eyes my crop warily. He knows better than to speak out. I don’t intend to hurt him, but rather I mean to push his limits a tad, for he needs to learn to fully trust his domme.

“Do you want to feel this crop?” I ask.

“Yes, Miss.” His eyes have hesitation shining in them. I imagine a bead of sweat dripping down from his brow. I let him wait, allowing anticipation build his excitement and fear far more effectively than I could have achieved by rushing him. I pace slowly around the bed, watching my pet like the seductive predator that I am.

To be continued…