T.C.WandThe Tracey Cox Massage Wand is a vibrating body massager provided to me by LoveHoney. While it is the same type of product as a Hitachi Magic Wand, it is also different in some important ways, besides it merely being hot pink.

This massager has two settings labeled as “low” and “high.”  The head is a removable, smooth silicone sleeve, and the wand itself is plastic, with the battery compartment at the end. It requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included. The wand measures at 9.25 inches in length, and a base width of 1.05 inch–it is really quite lightweight and easy to use with one hand, even for a long period of time. The wand is firm, but the head is flexible and can be bent to a slight degree. The wand is waterproof and submersible, allowing for bath and shower play capabilities.

This product is made of materials (silicone, hard ABS plastic) that are non-porous, phatalates-free, and latex-free. While there are some pesky crevices that are difficult to clean, and the silicone head collects dust and fuzzies quickly, it is easy enough to keep clean. The wand can be cleaned with toy cleaner spray, a 10% bleach-to-water solution, or warm soapy water. 

Since many of you know of the Hitachi or have tried it, I will compare this Tracey Cox Massage Wand with it. I think that it is a blessing and a curse that this wand is not as powerful as the Hitachi, and let me tell you why. Firstly, you can use this wand for a longer period of time without running the risk of irritating your genitals. Applying water-based lubricant to my vulva became more optional (although still suggested) when using this wand, whereas it is more of a necessity with the Hitachi, in preventing irritation. If you need to place a towel in-between your privates and the Hitachi, you would be able to enjoy this wand with direct stimulation.



Secondly, the high setting seems to be about half as powerful as Hitachi’s low setting. The vibrations are much


Finally, there’s the noise. The Hitachi is too powerful for discreetness; it’s never quiet. This Wand, however is much quieter simply because it is less powerful. The low setting is quiet, and the high setting is closer to a medium toy noise level. Since I am hyper-sensitive about noise levels, I can happily say I’m pleased with this toy’s bang for the buck. Er, what I mean is the noise-levels are worth its levels of intensity, and allow for a relatively quiet solo session.
weaker and so if you are trying to have a clitoral orgasm through primarily vibrations, it may take a bit longer to achieve this–which in my opinion can be a good and bad thing. This Wand will get the juices flowing, and prolong your masturbation session. (Whereas the Hitachi is good for really quick, powerful orgasms.)

Another benefit of this Wand over the Hitachi is that it is battery operated, although it would be even better if it was rechargeable. The luxury that is cordlessness cannot be emphasized enough.

Shipping was discreet. The packaging is not horribly tacky as you can determine/see for yourself above.  Another simple feature I loved about this wand is that it came with a storage case! And it’s blue! Ah, the simple joys in life.

T.C.CaseTo sum it up, this is a massager that I enjoyed using for clitoral stimulation. The bendy head allows you to maximize the surface area in contact with your body. The fact that it’s waterproof, non-porous, and comes with a storage case makes it that much more worthwhile. If you enjoy continual vibrations for masturbating, you can’t go wrong with a massager wand. I enjoyed using this product for clitoral as well as nipple play. It’s ideal for slower progressions to orgasms. Slow and steady wins the race, eh?

LoveHoney provided me with the Tracey Cox Massage Wand Vibrator in exchange for my review. Thanks LoveHoney! xoxo