The Trojan Midnight Collection Torsion Vibrator provided by Good  Vibrations Sex Toys, is a vibrating dildo that has the following unique features.

Trojan1It can rotate into four different positions depending on your preference. It has five vibration modes and three pulsation modes. You click the ‘+‘ to go through the settings, and then click the ‘‘ to descend back down the options and to turn it off. The button is easy enough to press while using the toy. I like it better when the options are on a never-ending loop and you have to hold a button in to turn it off.

This toy is loud. While I had the fan running, a TV on, and the toy vibrating inside my vagina, I feared my neighbor could hear the vibrations. Granted my bed is next to the wall, but I still want my sex toy adventures to be a secret.

The Trojan Torsion is half ABS plastic (the handle, operating half) and half medical grade silicone. Its dimensions are: 10 inches long, 5 inches insertable length, and 1.75 inches in diameter (25.4cm long, 12.7cm insertable, 4.4cm diameter). The problem with this is that while they are hygienic materials, there is a big crease in the middle of toy, where it rotates. Since it isn’t boil-able, I am not exactly comfortable about the crack’s hygienic value. Since it is at the 5 inch mark, it is inevitably going to get bodily fluids on it. There is also a seam that runs down the length of the silicone and the plastic.

These are the four different positions it can rotate to (as shown below). I can see myself practically enjoying the position because it curves towards me as I use it as a G-spot toy. The bottom left position is also not bad because of the handle points away while the bottom points towards me. The other two positions on the right, however, seem a bit useless to me. Handling them is awkward and just isn’t needed. Once I find the one position that works for me, I’m not really going to keep clicking through the different positions. It doesn’t really improve the experience: it just becomes more awkward to hold while trying to thrust it, especially with any speed.



So while it is unique, I don’t really find the rotational ability to be anything extra special. Plus, the different positions don’t change the shape of this toy THAT much. Two of the positions look very similar. Like I said: the varying positions don’t improve the experience. I’m going to use the dildo the same way no matter which position: it’s going to get pushed and pulled into my vagina. The top left image shows the best position because it’s slightly curved for G-spot stimulation.

Some perks for the Trojan Torsion vibrator include:

  • silk pouch for storage
  • water resistant/ safe in the shower
  • medical grade silicone
  • phthalate-free

It’s not the best design to be a refreshingly new vibrator out on the market. I don’t see myself using the different positions and being excited about its capabilities. The Trojan Torsion is also relatively noisy. It takes 2 AA (included) batteries, which given the price, I would have expected it to be rechargeable.

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