harnessGood Vibrations provided me with the Vibrating Velvet Strap-On created by Sportsheets. Thank you Good Vibes!  What’s great is that this strap-on harness is Ecorotic in several ways:  it is free of animal products; its packaging is recyclable; this harness is made in the USA.

The Velvet Harness is versatile because it adjusts and accommodates different dildo sizes.  The rubber O-rings are three sizes: 1.5″, 1.75″, and 2″.  As you can see above, the 2″ O-ring fit easily around a 2.25″ wide dildo.  Its materials are black velvet and nylon.  The 4-way adjustable straps can fit up to size 60″ hips.  This harness comes with a bullet vibe.

In the photo I used the Randy by Vixen Creations just to see if the Velvet Strap-On could accommodate a thick dildo.  The dimensions of Randy are 6.25″ by 2.25″.

So I understand the idea that the lower the harness sits on my pelvis, the more likely I will be to feel the vibrations on my clitoris.  This does work although initially if felt rather awkward.  I am new to testing harnesses though, and I think that the feeling of wearing one comes with time.  I tried this harness on over my panties and the vibration still felt nice on my clitoris.  There is a certain feeling about wearing harness that is very sexy.  Say you are naked except for wearing the harness.  When you put the harness on, it is like you are gearing up to pleasure your woman (or man).  Feeling the straps tug on your bare legs and the bullet press on your pussy as you fuck her (him) with a dildo, is quite a raw, exciting experience.  You are very much in control of that toy.

What I want most in a harness is ease of control.  Because this harness is adjustable, it allows for each person to wear it in a way that is most comfortable, while also wearing the chosen dildo.  You can tighten the straps to ensure things don’t move around too much on their own.

It’s not the fanciest harness out on the market, but it is very affordable and practical.  So far I have been pleased with Sportsheets products.  Some of the panty-styled harnesses are within the same price range.  Fancier strap harnesses (such as leather ones) are much more expensive than this nylon harness.  I think I might prefer panty-styled harnesses such as the RodeoH, because they are comfortable and quite cute.  However, the panty-styled are not as sexy in the same way as harnesses, because harnesses allow for more skin to be exposed while wearing them (such as your butt).

Features I Like:
-One size fits most
-Adjustable around hips
-Adjustable for different sized dildos
-Bullet vibe
-Machine washable

Good Vibrations Sex Toys offers a nice selection of harnesses to choose from.  Check them out!  Thanks Good Vibes! xoxo