Green fingernails trace the soft pink flesh surrounding pert nipples. The tips stand at attention, which is also what they crave. These nipples desire pain. Sloppy, wet, tooth-inducing pain.

Show me your teeth.

Sharp canines sink deep into my neck, pressing on a jugular such that the pulse presses hard and fast against those hot, full lips entrapping it.

Let me live.

Deliberately slow fingers admire pale flesh, inviting goosebumps to pop up along their journey across the terrain. It’s as though the body responds instantaneously to touch; it quivers and quakes, begging to be touched twice over.

Give in.

The taste of a salty tongue intrigues. A voice unleashes itself into another’s entrance; pleasure is spoken and shared.



Thank you, Mr. Payne for another sexy work of art based on an image of me.

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