List your kinks.
Well. Here are some things:
Light bondage/restraints
Nipple play/pain
CollarsI am still quite new with trying out kinky stuff.  I got spanked only a few weeks ago-spanked hard enough to leave hand prints- and I loved it.  Although it fucking hurt.

I love nipple play and pain.  My breasts are large, which makes me think that my nipples might be less sensitive than other boobs out there, but I quite like nipple play.  Biting, sucking, licking, clamping, etc.

I have yet to try restraints for sex.  I’m sure I will find it to be a terrible, exciting tease.  Here are some products I’m wanting to use:

As far as exhibitionism is concerned….  I’ve fooled around in a car and I’ve been fingered in a theatre.  I’ve also been fingered at a club.  I would like to push these limits in the future.  It’s not that I like having sex in front of people, but that I like to do naughty things in public in order to see just how much I can get away with.  It’s a secret thrill, but I don’t want to get caught, generally speaking.

I find collars to be sexy in some ways.  I only own one made for the bedroom, but I own a necklace collar as well.  It’s just such a turn on to know that I’m wear a necklace in public that reflects my sexual, subby side.

That’s all I can think of for now! Perhaps I’ll add more to the list later. xoxo